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Teenage girl left horrified after she discovers venomous snake in her asthma inhaler

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 26 April 2021, 13:44 IST
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A teenage girl was scared after she discovered a venomous snake hiding inside her asthma inhaler.

The incident was reported in Bli Bli, Queensland, Australia. The girl spotted the red-bellied black snake slither out of the clothes she had just brought inside. Initially, the teenager couldn’t understand what it was. But, when she noticed inside the open top of her inhaler she left shocked.


The teenage girl was shocked to discover the reptile inside her puffer ((Picture: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7) )


The girl called a team of snake catchers, who safely rescue the reptile and rehome it.

It is believed that red-bellied black snakes are mostly found on Australia’s east coast and are even responsible for several bites every year.

However, no human deaths have been reported due to the venomous snakes but they could lead to some serious symptoms like bleeding, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, muscle weakness or pain, and headaches.

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Taking the story to Facebook in March, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote, “You would not believe this. This is crazy and we’re super lucky we were able to find the snake.”

One of the team members Stuart McKenzie told 9News, “It’s one of the most incredible places we have ever found a snake before. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like picking it up and discovering it in there.”

He further told that the snake was only a juvenile but it could give a nasty bite if scared or provoked.

“They are just exploring, seeking food this time of year before it gets cold again,” McKenzie added.

“We’ve found them in all sorts of places. Just recently we had a snake become stuck inside the tubing of a screen door.”

Red-bellied snakes are commonly found in forests, swamps, and some urban areas. They usually grow up to two metres long and they eat frogs, fish, other reptiles, and small mammals.

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First published: 26 April 2021, 13:36 IST