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Shocker: Passenger falls between platform and train; watch what happens next

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 17 November 2021, 10:08 IST
CCTV footgae showing man falls between train and platform

Social media is filled with various road, plane, or train accident videos that have chilled down the spine of netizens. However, several videos showed people having a narrow escape from horrifying accidents. One such video has surfaced on the Internet wherein a train passenger fell between rail tracks when he was trying to board a moving train.

The shocking incident took place on November 14 at Kalyan railway station in Maharashtra’s Mumbai.

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However, his life was saved by an alert railway employee who came to rescue him at the right moment.

Indian Railways employee identified as Shivji Sing, a pointsman working at Kalyan Railway station. He has been receiving applauds for his presence of mind and quick response to save the life of a passenger.

After Shivji noticed the man, he immediately came to rescue him and dragged him to safety.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media after it was posted by Central Railway on Twitter.

Watch Video:


The CCTV footage of the incident has garnered over 6k views and netizens are hailing the pointsman for saving the life of the passenger. While many people expressed concern about the gap between a train and a platform. “Why is the gap between train n platform so high,” a user asked.

Another wrote, “Good... But how about we work on covering d gaps.. so such mishaps don't happen... Kalyan stn has been witnessing these incidents a lot nowadays..!!”

However, many answered why the gap is important between the platform and train.

One of the users replied, “The gap cannot be closed, some free movement is necessary between train and platform. The only possible way to avoid these incidents is to have no platforms at all. A Foldable step/ladder which deploys at every station without manual control. This system is used in other countries”

However, Railways has advised passengers many times that they should not try to board or deboard a moving train. But people don’t take these rules seriously and put their lives at risk by doing such things.

What’s your view on this viral video?

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First published: 17 November 2021, 10:02 IST