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School boy's incredible magic trick leave netizens startled [Watch]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 July 2022, 10:45 IST
School boy's incredible magic trick.

A video footage of a boy performing magic trick using a stone has gone crazily viral on the internet. The video has become so popular that it has been viewed over 128 million times since being shared on Instagram on 9th June.

Sahil Aazam, who shared the now viral video, did not add any caption. There is a single text insert on the videofootage, which reads "Talented student."

Watch the video here: 


The video displays the boy encircled by his friends who are eagerly looking at the little magician. The boy then shows off his skill, transferring two tiny stones from one hand to another without anyone noticing it. And the boy does it not just once but twice in front of the camera.

The students around him are extremely impressed by the boy's talent, So is the internet.

"It's magic of speed," commented one user. "He looks like Indian justin Bieber look the features and hair," said another.

Another user claimed that he understood the trick and saluted the "little magician".

The video has been liked by over six million people, including cricketer Shikhar Dhawan.

Earlier, another video of a man performing a magic trick with a packet of sugar had left internet amazed.

The video footage was first shared by @jadoy.ray on TikTok, but later surfaced on other social media platforms and quickly went viral.

The video displayed a man opening a packet of sugar and pouring it into his left hand, which has a small opening. He then packs the sugar in his left hand and pops the empty packet in his mouth before throwing the sugar up into the air.

The man then grabs the empty packet with his left hand and catches the sugar in his other hand. He ends the trick by putting the sugar back into the packet.

The video footage had gathered over five million views and left netizens dumbfounded.

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First published: 1 July 2022, 10:45 IST