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Narrow Escape Video: Nature's Unpredictability

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 18 May 2024, 8:56 IST
Rockfalls and landslips

A stunning video capturing a dramatic rockfall incident has reminded us of the unpredictable power of nature and the importance of caution when exploring coastal cliffs.

The footage by Daniel Knagg, showcases a heart-pounding event where rockfalls and landslips put lives at risk along the South West Coast Path above the cliffs at West Bay.

Miraculously, those present at the scene managed a lucky escape, but the incident serves as a stark warning about the potential dangers that nature can unleash at any given moment.


The video, shared on social media by Dorset Council, quickly gained attention due to its compelling depiction of the incident. The footage showcases the breathtaking coastline in all its rugged beauty, but it also highlights the inherent instability of cliffs that have been shaped by the forces of erosion over millions of years.

As portions of the cliff crumbled and tumbled down towards the sea below, the urgency of the situation became evident, and those present wisely fled to safety.

Rockfalls and landslips are natural processes that are constantly shaping our coastlines. Erosion, weathering, and other geological factors can weaken cliffs, causing them to collapse suddenly and without warning.

First published: 18 May 2024, 8:56 IST