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Indian cobra swallows Russell's viper; watch epic battle between snakes

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 21 June 2022, 15:17 IST
Indian cobra swallows Russell's viper

Social media is filled to the brim with various types of videos. Some among those are not just fascinating to watch but may also leave you petrified. Just like this video that displays a snake swallowing another in an epic wildlife battle. Recorded in Gujarat’s Vadodara, the video has created quite a buzz on the internet.

A YouTube channel which goes by the user name Wildlife SOS, a wildlife rescue organization, shared the video. Alongside they also shared the kinds of snakes showcased in the now viral clip.

“Indian Cobra seen swallowing Russell’s Viper snake in Vadodara!” they wrote. They also added how member of the organisation witnessed this “epic battle”. Though short, the video is interesting to watch and may send a chill down your spine. It shows one of the snakes in the process of devouring the other.

Take a look at the video:

After being shared a few days back, the wildlife video has gathered over 21,000 views. The post has also prompted people to share various comments.

“Wow! The battle of the giants!” posted an Instagram user. “I don't like the snakes!” shared another. “Rare footage,” posted a third.

What do you think about the video?

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First published: 21 June 2022, 15:17 IST