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Horrifying! Alligator grabs woman zookeeper's hand during birthday party; know what happens next

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 August 2021, 18:31 IST
Screenshot of the video showing alligator attacked a zookeeper (Photo: Theresa Wiseman)

A hair-raising video has gone viral on social media that shows an alligator grabbed a woman zookeeper during a birthday party in Utah. The incident took place at the Scales and Tails reptiles centre in West Valley City, Utah in August.

The viral video shows a group of children watching the reptile in the tank behind the glasses. Subsequently, a woman zookeeper approached the alligator and telling children about handling the reptile, Global News reports. All of sudden, she was attacked by the eight-foot-long alligator named Darth Gator.

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She immediately signaled the alligator to send it back into its tank. However, the alligator didn’t let her go, and then a man, Donnie Wiseman, immediately jumped into the enclosure and sit on the alligator’s back. He wrestled with the ferocious alligator and tried hard to free the zookeeper’s hands.

Check out the video of how man saved the zookeeper from the grip of an alligator:


The brave man threw his arms around the jaws of the alligator so that it could free the hands of the zookeeper. After a few seconds, the alligator finally released the zookeeper and the other man pulled her out of the tank. Also, Donnie managed to come out of the tank as the alligator moved back.

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The video of the horrifying incident was shared by Donnie Wiseman’s wife on Facebook. She posted the video along with a caption, “Crocodile Donnie” Although, this was actually an alligator. We didn’t expect this kind of thing when we set out for a birthday party today! I have the most awesome, brave husband ever! Love you so much Donnie Wiseman and I’m glad you’re okay!!”

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Since the video being shared on FB, it has garnered 380k views, 1.4k comments, and 3.7k likes.

Scales and Tails said, “These gentlemen could have stayed in the safety zone as most of us would, but instead jumped into the situation, of their own volition, and helped secure the alligator.”

The zookeeper is also recovering well from the injuries that she had received during the attack.

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First published: 28 August 2021, 17:29 IST