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Hiker stalked by a mountain lion; unedited video goes viral

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 17 May 2021, 10:23 IST
Screeshot of video showing mountain lion chasing a man

In a petrifying video, a Salt Lake City man was chased by a mountain lion during a hike in Utah. The incident was caught on camera and is now going viral on social media.

A man named Jared Smith was hiking along the Broads Fork Trail when he saw the wild cat.

“I was running back down the trail and was probably about a mile from getting back to the parking lot when I heard something off to the side of the trail,” Smith told FOX 13.

Smith got scared after he saw the wild cat, however, he tried to remain calm and back away from the animal. The mountain lion stalked him for at least five minutes as he continued to run away from the animal.

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“Periodically, the cougar would pounce, baring its teeth and kicking its legs and its tail up, almost like a little sprint right at me,” Smith told the news website.

Jared revealed that he filmed the incident on his camera phone and believed that the cougar was trying to protect her cubs.

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Smith further told, “If you watch the full video, you can see my voice kind of crack at those points in time because it scared me.”

Jared can also be heard saying in the video that "I am going away, I am going away. I am not gonna bug away.”

However, after five minutes the animal stopped chasing him and left the trail.

"It was about five minutes into the encounter that she just veered off to the side of the trail and I continued to back up for another minute or two continuing to talk because I couldn't see where she went off to," Smith said.

After checking that the animal was no longer chasing him, Smith immediately started running away from the spot.

However, the incident left Smith stunned, but he won’t stop going to the trail again.

“I definitely will take a few days to process this before I got back, but I love it too much. I realize this is really uncommon. It’s not something that’s probably going to be happening repeatedly. I’ll be back on the trails before long,” Smith told the news website.  

The video has gone viral on social media and prompted shocked and terrified reactions from netizens.

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First published: 17 May 2021, 10:23 IST