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Cow accidentally touches electric pole; watch scary video

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 5 July 2022, 13:12 IST
Screenshot from the viral video

A shocking video of a cow accidentally touching an electric pole has gone viral on social media.

The now-viral clip was shared by Twitter user Anamika Jain Amber. The incident is said to be from Punjab’s Mansa.

In the video, the cow can be seen standing in a water-logged area, near an electric pole.

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Moments later, the cow accidentally touched the electric pole and started shaking due to the pain of electric shock.

However, a shopkeeper saw the cow in pain and he immediately rushed to help the animal.

The man jumped into the water-logged area.

Watch how the man rescued the cow:


In the video, the shopkeeper can be seen tying a piece of cloth to the legs of the cow and other men also joined him in rescuing the cow.

Netizens lauded the man for saving the life of the animal who could be died at any moment if left ignored.

One of the users said, “Such small action; such large heart. What an amazing guy!”

Another commented, “In Mansa, a cow got electrocuted by an electric pole and it started suffering, only then a shopkeeper drags the cow with a cloth, which saves the life of the cow. Really this act is full off kindness…God give the all such of thing to the shopkeeper who he want.”

What are your views on this viral video?

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First published: 5 July 2022, 13:12 IST