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Pakistani Popcorn seller catches Air Force’s attention; builds mini plane, sets internet on ablaze

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 7 May 2019, 11:56 IST
Popcorn Seller builts plane

It is not easy to achieve one’s dream after being deprived of basic amenities but this Pakistani popcorn seller has made its way to top by not just achieving his dream but has also won the hearts of millions. He has set the internet on the blaze by building his own mini-plane which has also caught the attention of Pakistan Air Force.

Yes, you all heard it right Muhammad Fayyaz a watchman and popcorn seller has built a plane and has also tasted the sky with it. A 32-year-old man who doesn't even have adequate education to achieve his dream has inspired many that with determination everything can be achieved. As a kid, he uses to dream of joining the air force but everything came crashing down when his father’s sudden death forced him to drop from the school and to do odd jobs to feed his mother and five younger siblings.

But his determination to fly high in the sky didn’t fade away and here he is in front of everyone who has a steady stream of visitors wanting to see his creation. Fayyaz from Tabur village in central Punjab put his everything just to create his own private plane. According to NDTV reports, he told that during the day he used to work as popcorn seller and by night he served as a security guard just to make an adequate amount of money for his plane.

He gained knowledge from various sites like National Geographic Channel’s Air Crash Investigation for insight into thrust, torque, air pressure and propulsion. He used to use cheap internet just to acquire information regarding building a plane. He also sold a family land and took out 50,000 loans from an NGO and from that he bought the parts of the plane.

He prepared a blueprint and after making it he also took it on trial where he faced many errors in the plane like changing the design, wiring, pieces of equipment replaced and after more than two years he was finally ready with his working plane. He claimed that his friends helped him to take the plane on trial where the blocked the road which he used as a runaway in February.

Popcorn seller creates working plane

The plane reached 120 kmph before taking off and before landing it flew for 2-3 kms from two and two and a half feet above the ground. Fayyaz chose 23rd March Pakistan Day for the unveiling but before he could start the engine he was arrested by the police and also confiscated his plane. After AFP visited the local police station they said they arrested him as his plane was a safety threat, but soon Fayyaz was released after paying fine also his plane was returned to him as a goodwill gesture.

Since the Pakistan Air Force have twice visited him to view his plane and a commander of a nearby base issued him a certificate which praises his passion and skill in building a “mini basic airplane”

Popcorn seller creates working plane

Kudos to Muhammad Fayyaz who achieved his dream after facing many obstacles and kept the determination live in his heart to taste the sky.

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First published: 7 May 2019, 11:56 IST