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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma of Splitsvilla 10 fame finally spill beans on his real girlfriend

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 9 November 2017, 18:53 IST

Priyank Sharma who won hearts of many because of his cute smile and handsome looks entered the Bigg Boss house as a celebrity contestant but soon as he entered the house he was thrown out of the house for hitting a co-contestant just in the first week of the show. But soon the makers of the show bought him back in the show as a wildcard contstant.

But, he remained on the mouth of everyone because of his various revelations that he made after entering the house about Arshi Khan's 'Goa-Pune' kaand. After that his love life was being discussed in the house when Hina Khan mentioned about Nikita Nagpal who was Priyank's ex-girlfriend before Divya Agarwal. Soon after Nikita's name came up, everyone outside the house including his girlfriend started talking about how he was an unfaithful lover.

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Priyank had never mentioned the name of his girlfriend Divya in the house before but in a recent clip that is going viral, he can be seen talking to his friend Benafsha Soonawalla about his relationship status. While Ben said that he has four girlfriends, he clears and said that he only has one girlfriend and her name is Divya Aggarwal.Talking about Nikita, he said that she was his childhood friend.

Meanwhile check some pictures of the couple.

Kiki... I'm fortunate enough that u love me.. those days of Splitsvilla are like a fairy tales... today when I watch our episodes I realise how badly we cried... obviously not good for a Tv show... my parents cried too.. not about going out of the show... it was about us... being together... those tears can't be fake.. I don't know about today... but that day.. I saw love in your eyes .. mat jaa yaar.. we both are meant to be together.. I miss u Priyank.. it's wrong to express like this.. but I couldn't help myself... jaise bhi ho... mere ho... I love you... win in life.. no matter what show... I stick by your side... until u ask me to go... it's no more about the show... my parents today asked me.. did u really felt so deep... they saw us crying like this... I don't know what to say...

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Divya who was earlier complaining about the fact that Priyank never took her name in the house wil be happy that he finally did that. During an interview to The Indian Express she had earlier said, “...He hasn’t spoken once about me on the show and his ex-girlfriend has become the centre of all his conversations. As these things are sinking in, I realise that the media had guessed this outcome and had thus been asking about our relationship time and again.”

She after seeing the clip, gave an interview to an Entertainment portal in which she said, “It’s a good thing, but I still have to ask him some questions. He has said things like ek saal se chal raha hai, aati jaati rehti hai, photo nahi laya, warna poora time dekhte rehta. So I still don’t know what was that and for whom was that. He has been with me since one year and was in a relationship with that girl for ten years, so I don’t know what is wrong with him.”

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First published: 9 November 2017, 18:53 IST