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Bigg Boss 11 November 28 Highlights: It was all about 'dwarfs' torturing the 'giants'; 5 Catch points of last night's episode

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 29 November 2017, 10:46 IST

Just when you though that there is only regular happenings going in the popular reality show Bigg Boss house, the show surprises you again with its unique task. The last night's episode of the eleventh season of the show was full of surprises for the audience as the contestants were given this week's luxury budget task, the award of which was extra resources as part of their food. During the task, a lot of drama and fights took place.

For those who missed the last night's epic episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 11, we have the highlights in the form of 5 Catch points that will update you about the same.

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Check them out:

1. Fight over food take place between Arshi, Shilpa and Bandgi takes place. Shilpa gets into a fight with Bandgi after which Vikas sugested that they should switch the kitchen duty. Hiten told Shilpa that he had warned Shilpa about Akash that she is feeding a snake.

2. A luxury budget task was introduced by the Bigg Boss in which the house got converted into Lilliput and the contestants into two teams one of dwarfs and the other of giants. Puneesh, Bandgi, Hiten and Shilpa are the giants where on the other hand Hina, Arshi, Akash and Luv are the dwarfs. Vikas was the 'sanchalak' in the game. The dwarfs had to torture the giants unless they give up in the game.

3. The dwarf team tortured Bandgi Kalra to their best by trying to cut her hair and also trying to put chilli into her eyes that accidently went into the eyes. Vikas tried to stop them but noone understood. He banned the red chilli to be used in to game but Hina had already hidden it and used it in the game.

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4. Shilpa was tickled and chilli powder was put in her mouth. Puneesh was threatened that his hair will get trimmed. Later, Akash apologized to him but warns him that Bandgi is using him for the game. Last came the chance of Hiten Tejwani whose legs were waxed by the opposite team.

5. When the game got over, Hiten Tejwani warned the members of the opposite team that they will take revenge from them the next day.

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First published: 29 November 2017, 10:46 IST