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Panasonic sets up community studio in Tokyo

News Agencies | Updated on: 5 March 2018, 13:58 IST

Panasonic Corporation on Monday announced that it has set up a new community studio called Relife Studio Futako in Tokyo, in cooperation with Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. (CCC) in the planning, to serve as a contact point for customers in the home electronics and housing fields.

This new facility, which will open on March 10, is located on the second floor of the home appliances store of Tsutaya, a CCC group company, in Futako Tamagawa in Tokyo.

The new community studio combines Panasonic's technologies, products, and services cultivated in its home appliances, equipment and housing businesses and knowledge of CCC that is offering lifestyle ideas through books and other cultural content. The new facility provides a space in which visitors can discover new ideas for housing and lifestyles through exhibitions, hands-on workshops, and interactions. They can also find innovative ideas to improve quality of life.

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Relife Studio Futako is strategically located in Futako Tamagawa, which borders Jonan, Josai, and Kohoku in the metropolitan area where there is high demand for new homes and renovations. The Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics store, where the studio is housed, is drawing in customers in their 30s to 40s with families. These factors make the new facility a strategic base in the Tokyo area for Panasonic to create new customer contacts. Through this facility, the company aims to strengthen customer interaction to generate demand for the living and housing businesses, working with related Panasonic group companies and their clients in the region.

The new facility consists of the Studio Area and Salon Area. The Studio Area presents ideas along Panasonic's concepts of RELIFE, or new styles of living, that the company proposes based on lifestyle analysis of visitors to the Tsutaya store. In the Salon Area, lifestyle experts provide services and information about living. The activities in the studio are directed at the "premium age juniors" aged 35 and above, as well as the "premium age" who are 55 and up - the prime target of existing RELIFE projects.

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Visitors can find ideas for living spaces from exhibits that integrate home appliances and housing equipment with books, sundries, and interior goods. In addition, they can find products before they're ready to go to market and prototypes under development, in a move that supports commercialisation of such products. In cross-industry collaboration, Shiseido's skincare products "WASO" and Tokyo Nishikawa's bedding brand "&Free" join the exhibit. Talk shows and workshops focusing on ideal living and housing will be held to offer new insight from people both inside and outside the company.

Panasonic aims to make RELIFE Studio Futako a touchpoint for two-way communications on new lifestyles, as well as supporting the creation of new businesses and revitalising local communities by listening to the voices of local residents and customers, and utilising the knowledge of outside experts, in addition to the technology, ideas and services offered by different industries and fields.

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Through this new community studio, Panasonic aims to provide a better living space enabling each customer to enjoy high quality living from every aspect of their daily lives.

For the premium age junior generation who treasure their relationship with their families and friends, Panasonic proposes a RELIFE of dining that starts with people gathering and chatting, then preparing and eating meals together and enjoying exchanging stories around the company's "Irori Dining." This dining style is inspired by Japan's traditional "irori," or sunken hearth, a focal point for a family gathering.

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First published: 5 March 2018, 13:58 IST