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Video shows Bengaluru woman being molested by 2 men as bystanders watch her ordeal

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 January 2017, 17:21 IST

In the wake of the mass molestation which occurred in Bengaluru on New Year's eve, a chilling video has surfaced in which two men on a scooter are seen blocking a woman's path and groping her before escaping just hours into the New Year.

According to media reports, the incident is believed to have taken place around 2:30 am on Sunday, 1 January. The whole ordeal was recorded by a CCTV camera which was installed at a house off Kammanahalli 5th Main Road in East Bengaluru.

In the video, one man is seen getting off the bike and forcing herself on the woman, pinning her down on the scooter and then shoving her off. The woman slapped and tried to escape but failed.

However, the video also shows several bystanders witnessing the ordeal but no one came forward to help the victim. The incident was reported to the police by the residents of the house whose security camera recorded the incident.

On 31 December, several women were groped and harassed on and around MG Road in the heart of Bengaluru.

Following the event, Karnataka Home Minister issued a vague statement saying "such incident do happen on New Year day and Christmas."

Another leader, Abu Azmi, commenting on the issue said, "It's regrettable, a case should be registered. But if we say anything against girls and boys going out together, we are called old fashioned. In our culture there should be propriety between men and women."

"But in these modern times, the more women are naked, the more fashionable, modern and educated they are considered. And this is increasing in the country. This is a blot on our culture."

Following these comments, Bengaluru NCW chief Lalitha Kumaramangalam demanded HM's resignation and an apology to the women of the country for sexist comments.

First published: 4 January 2017, 10:27 IST