This is how Indians are making money from the currency ban

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 November 2016, 15:07 IST

The midnight currency ban has brought out the entrepreneurial side of many, prompting them to offer ease to common man in exchange for some money, of course!

There were several reports yesterday of petrol pumps exchanging Rs 100 notes at a certain margin. It was also reported that pumps were refusing to fill fuel worth Rs 400/Rs 600/Rs 700. They insisted on only filling up for Rs 500 or Rs 1000. Some vendors were reportedly exchanging five notes of Rs 100 for Rs 530/540.

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Some vendors are happily accepting Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and exchanging them for Rs 100 notes on a certain margin. With the last date to exchange high-value currency for lower denomination currency being 30 December, vendors claim they are saving people the hassle of queuing up outside banks.

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BigBazaar seized the opportunity early; soon after the demonetisation announcement, they opened their stores till midnight. An SMS from them said: Our stores are open till midnight today for shopping. Come soon & enjoy shopping at the nearest Big Bazaar, Central, Home Town, Ezone & Brand Factory near you."

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