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ISRO's 'New Year Gift': Here are 10 key points from the launch of 100th satellite Cartosat-2

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 January 2018, 12:52 IST
ISRO's 'New Year Gift'

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched its 100th satellite Cartosat-2 successfully. With this 100th satellite from Sriharikota Space Center located 110 kilometers away from Chennai, 30 other satellites have also been sent to space. Let's know 10 special things related to launch.

“We are extremely happy about the launch. This is a New Year gift to the country,” said ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar.

Here are the key points from the launch:

  1. The hundredth satellite launch of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been launched. This is the hundredth satellite cartosat-2. Along with this, 30 other satellites have been sent to this space in ISRO. After failing in August last year, ISRO has removed those flaws.
  2. ISRO's rocket space carrying these 31 satellites is named PSLV C-40. The rocket carrying 31 satellites with them, the largest Cartosat-2 in it.
  3. The launch of the satellite took about a minute late, but it happened with great success. The launch took place in four steps and was completed in normal manner.
  4. There are 28 small foreign satellites in addition to an Indian micro satellite and a nanotechnology.
  5. For the observation of Earth, 710 kilograms of Cartosat-2 is the primary satellite, which includes 100 kilograms of micro and 10 kilograms of nano satellites.
  6. The height of PSLV-C40 is 44.4 meters and weighing 320 tonnes. This rocket of PSLV has taken 31 satellites with some 1332 kg weight.
  7. Within 20 minutes of launch at 09.29 hrs, satellites started one by one in the upper orbit of the earth. The first was installed in the Cartosat-2 class. After this the other satellites were established safely.
  8. ISRO's rocket has taken satellites of many countries in space, including Micro and Nano satellites of Canada, Finland, France, Republic of Korea, UK and USA. Of the 28 satellites, 19 are US, five South Korea and one each from Canada, France, Britain and Finland.
  9. 28 international satellites were launched under the trade agreements between ISRO and Antrix Corporation Limited.
  10. Earlier, on August 31, 2017, the Satellite Launch Program of ISRO had failed, but this time ISRO scientists did not allow any loopholes to disrupt the launch. Everything went very systematic. Every step is completed in normal manner. PSLV-C is the first space project of 40 years 2018.
First published: 12 January 2018, 12:52 IST