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JNU controversy: Full text of statement from BJP-JNUites

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:41 IST

Reacting to the ongoing controversy in JNU, BJP alumni of the university came out this with this press release where they claim that they "are deeply hurt by the incident and the irresponsible actions by certain vested interests to politicise the issue."

Find full text from the press release below:

Ex-JNUites Forum

Save India! Save JNU!!


New Delhi, 16 February 2016

The condemnable incident of anti-India and pro-Pakistan sloganeering has raised concerns among the responsible citizens of the country and severely dented JNU's image as a premier educational institution of international repute. All over the country it has shown JNU in bad light and as a den of anti-India elements. We, as the Ex-JNUites are deeply hurt by the incident and the irresponsible actions by certain vested interests to politicize the issue. It has sent a wrong message to the people. It has to be borne in mind that the integrity of India is non-negotiable and any attempt to aid and abet subversive activities will never find support among the people of India. While saying that the culprits should be booked immediately and strict actions under the law should be initiated, we oppose any attempt to interfere with the ongoing investigation by the police in the issue.

The incident in JNU should not be seen in isolation. It is not that a handful of students have come out and raised some slogans by mistake. Such incidents are part of larger design to weaken India and mislead its younger generation. Anti-India forces are trying to create such situation in different campuses in the country. So by conducting proper investigation this conspiracy should be fully exposed before the nation. It's a shame that anti-India, pro-Pakistan slogans are raised in connivance with some JNUSU office bearers and the masked people shouting slogans are given not only protection but they added their voice to them. Enough is enough, we condemn this incident strongly and call for stringent action against them.

We extend our support to the part of JNUSU represented by JNUSU Jt. Secretary and majority of councilors, JNU Karmachari Association (JNUKA) and a large number of JNU Teachers who have come forward against these anti-India subversive elements. Ex-JNUites across the nation who are deeply hurt by the incidents are also expressing their concerns about the incident. We have decided the following programmes to strengthen the hands of responsible students of JNU and members of the JNU community who are struggling hard to expose these elements:

1) Online Signature campaign by Ex-JNUites

2) Press conference and solidarity programmes by Ex-JNUites in major cities of the country

3) Ex-JNUites Solidarity Meet in Constitution Club, New Delhi

We, appeal to the JNU community to cooperate with the investigation and isolate these anti-India elements. The political parties supporting attempts to shield the culprits should desist from playing

politics on issues of national importance. Their short sighted vote-bank politics will not only further damage the image of JNU but their credibility has also become questionable in the eyes of the people. Let's unite to save JNU and save India. Let's identify and isolate these elements and help law of the land to act against them expeditiously.

Let's come together to restore JNU's image. JNU has produced academicians, bureaucrats, politicians, scientist, journalists and responsible citizens of high repute in almost all walks of life. Let's not allow a section of JNU community to bring disrepute to this legacy. Save India! Save JNU!!

Our central committee will decide future course of action about which we will keep you updated.


Udit Raj (MP), Dr. Shiv Shakti Bakshi, Dr. Monica Rathod, Sandeep Mahapatra, Swadesh Singh, Vikas Preetam, Abhay Kumar, Vikash Anand, Dr. Amit Singh, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Saurabh Dubey, Rajshekhar, Dr. Pranav Kumar, Dr. Anshu Joshi, Renu Keer

First published: 16 February 2016, 9:40 IST