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Delhi: CCTV cameras capture mother throwing her two-year-old son off the stairs

News Agencies | Updated on: 27 January 2017, 12:39 IST

In one of the capital's most shocking incidents earlier this week, where a woman was captured in CCTV cameras throwing her two year old toddler off the stairs in a fit of rage, the grandmother of the child revealed that it was a quarrel over property, which led to violence from her daughter-in-law.

The grandmother confirmed to ANI that the mother would often threaten to kill her son and frame the family, in regular fights.

Mamlesh Gupta, grandmother of two year old Anshu Gupta said, "I have only one son. On 9th July he would complete his five years of marriage. It was a love marriage, but trouble began to surface within a week of their marriage."

Going further she said, for over five years the household has never had peace of mind, as constant rifts and violence took place on daily basis over property.

"I was always trying to explain her, but my appeal was falling on deaf years. She wanted the property to be named to her. She would beat me too. Whenever she'd pick a fight I would tell her, I have just one son, everything is yours and after me it is all going to you. Her father-in-law would also convince her of the same. But she wouldn't stop screaming." she said.

She added that matters began to grow worse five months back, "she wouldn't stop threatening us. 5 months back she lodged a complaint against us, but a settlement followed and we came back. Fearing the state of affairs I installed CCTV cameras, so that I have enough evidence in case of misery."

Gupta further said that this development didn't go down well with her daughter-in-law. She started screaming and threatening her husband that she would kill her son and frame the entire family, and thus flung their grandson off the stairs, from second floor to first.

She added, "Our maid was washing clothes when she saw her mother dragging him and rushed to bring him up the stairs."

On 24 January, at around 6 p.m, Pul Prahladpur Police station was informed about the case. It was alleged that one child was thrown from the staircase of house at first floor.

The Police reached the spot and took the complaint of Nitin Gupta that his son Anshu was thrown by Mrs Sonu Gupta, the mother of the child on 2 January and they had the video recording.

Anshu was medically examined at AIIMS trauma centre on the same day and some blunt injury on the face was found.

Meanwhile, legal action has been taken against Sonu Gupta in this matter.


First published: 27 January 2017, 12:04 IST