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Blood Moon 2018: Have you seen the 21st century's longest lunar eclipse? See in pics how moon turned red

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 July 2018, 8:58 IST

Finally, on 27th July night, the world has witnessed the 21st Century’s longest lunar eclipse. The photos of the night were so stunning that has made the stargazers to keep their eyes stuck on the moon.

As the time comes, the moon started changing its colour to red and finally, the moon moved into the shadow of the earth and turned completely red.

While viewing the blood moon, viewers seem to be protective as they wore some eye protective spectacle unlike when watching the solar eclipse also.

However, in India, due to the lunar eclipse, various temples were closed in afternoon.

Meanwhile, the doors have been opened after lunar eclipse finished. Some big temples of the country have also organized a pooja.

In India, Lunar Eclipse began at around 11:45 pm on Friday night. In the first hour, it was a partial lunar eclipse but as the time passed the moon completely turned red- a complete lunar eclipse. During this, not only people in India but also in the world were gazing at the sky to watch the amazing site. But due to bad weather in Delhi-NCR, clouds became the barriers to view the amazing view.

Talking about the moon, then the shape of the moon gradually started turning red and slowly-slowly the shape of the moon was completely concealed behind the shadow. The complete lunar eclipse in India was started at around 1:00 am. During this, the moon was turned completely into a blood moon.

Have a look at the stunning pictures that has been clicked by some netizens:



Meanwhile, after Lunar eclipse over, devotees in India started doing worship and also took a holy dip.

Check out some pictures:


However, the Sawan month has started from today and devotees are busy in offering the prayers to Lord Shiva on the very first day of the occasion.

Watch Video:


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First published: 28 July 2018, 8:44 IST