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You will be amused to know how much adult film stars are paid for each scene in an adult film

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 27 November 2018, 14:04 IST

The reach of adult film industry can’t be calculated as it has a huge popularity and fan following among the adults or youths in the world. Either in the West or in India, the viewership of the movies is quite amusing.



However, countries like India, where adult films are not accepted openly by an individual, therefore, people used to watch the films lonely. Even in India, several porn sites have been banned by the government of India. As there were the believes that porn films are the reason behind rape crimes in India and also it harms the brain of the young children.



On the other hand, in western countries, adult film industries has been considered as an attractive career opportunity.

Many people wanted to be an adult star because of the good salary that has been offered in this field.

As per the reports, Derek Hay, a former adult film star and a producer has revealed that how much salary is being offered to an adult star for each scene in the adult film.

Can you guess that how much an adult star gets the salary in hand? Well, it’s around 1000 dollars for one scene, which is equal to more than 70,000 in Indian rupees.

However, if there is more than one woman in the scene then the money will be split between them and women are paid around 800 dollars for every scene with a man.

Hay also added that if a woman agrees to do the premium scene which involves in more act then, she can charge higher rates. Studios recruited such women who are ready to do such bold scenes.

Also, when it comes to premium rates, the amount per scene is roughly 2000 – 4000 dollars (1,40,000 to 4,24,000 INR).

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First published: 26 November 2018, 14:39 IST