Watch: Aditi Mittal raises breast cancer awareness the only way she knew everyone would listen

Speed News Desk | First published: 31 October 2016, 16:38 IST
Aditi Mittal

Fact: Ogling at a woman's breasts is a matter of no shame. Also fact: Breastfeeding a child in public, is. Fact: When men talk about boobs/tits/breasts, it is just 'boy talk' or as Donald Trump says, 'locker room talk'. Also fact: When women do so, they're being crass and 'too bold'.

For far too long, women have been forced to think that their own bodies are something to be ashamed of. To be kept hidden. Perhaps that is why even when women do find strange lumps on their bodies, they wait for them to go away on their own instead of seeking medical help. This is why it is essential to break this taboo. To start a conversation. To spread awareness about a disease that can claim anyone.

Comedian Aditi Mittal does not begin this stand up act by talking about breast cancer. No, that would be quite morbid, no? Also, nobody pays good money to hear another human being ask them to love themselves enough to take care of their own goddamn bodies, right?

To get people to pay attention to a life-threatening disease that affected an estimated 14.1 million by 2012, one has to first crack a few jokes. So Aditi did what any sane comedian would do in a similar situation. She cracked jokes about something in the vicinity of the topic at hand - breasts and the absolute budget-burning activity that is bra shopping.

Her jokes hit the mark as always, while also leaving the pungent taste of fear. The fear of actually finding a lump. Women, if you find something suspicious, run to a doctor. It may turn out to be nothing. But then again, it may turn out to be something.


First published: 31 October 2016, 16:38 IST