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Eye to Eye 2.0: We've hit peak Taher Shah with his fantastic new video, Angel

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:51 IST

YOU GUYS. Forget Eye to Eye, this is the anthem the world was waiting for. Mankind's favourite angel, Taher Shah made a stunning comeback last night and his latest single is everything you could hope for, and more. Starring Shah as the Master Angel, in a flowing purple gown - which for the record is fabulous - the song's lyrics and picturisation is leap years before its time. 

In fact it is so good, that it pretty much answers all existentialist queries you might have had. Before you think this is sarcasm, it is not.  

This is coming from a die-hard Taher Shah fan, because what are you if you're not one, anyway? Everything about the video, screams peak Taher Shah and yes, we're more than okay with that.

But first, here's Eye to Eye just to refresh your memory.

While Eye to Eye was everything a pop song should be, Shah's latest still manages to upstage its fabulous-ness. Here is a man who could not give even half a paisa about your tiny judgmental mind. He is wearing a gown, a crown, glittery wings and is not afraid of comparing himself to a mermaid.

Unlike the rest of you perpetually unhappy lot, Shah's gone and found his soulmate while you were (still) twiddling your thumbs. The blonde lady and his son - in gowns and with wings (cue the D'aaws), make an appearance towards the end of the video.

But here's what you really really need to focus on: the lyrics. Get an earful, folks. Enough said. 

Check it out:

Angel .. mankind.. angel.. mankind

I am like an angel

mankind’s angel

my heart is like a rose

mankind soul

did his creation

by god

heaven on earth

mankind’s angel

lonely for you

like an angel

your love is mine

true angel

without you

I always live alone

as the heart beats

without a soul

I fall in love

with you always

like angels

love other angels

angel angels

mankind’s angels

la la la la

la la la la

I and you

are both like angels

within a human

is an angel

love is..(something something)... angel

you are my lovely sweet angel

without you

my love stays alone

like a mermaid

lives alone

when I found you

I was so glad

as I came

lovely heaven

angel angel

mankind’s angel

la la la la

la la la la

we can all be angels

a human like an angel

shines as a star

the angel’s character speaks like a flower

the stars are decorated by angels

like the dew feels petals of a flower

all angels remain quiet

like those flower that persist silent

but spread their essence but always desire jovial

you are beautiful

as the universe

charming angel

you are beautiful

oh angel

you are so special

as you are my lovely reflection

son you are

my honor my angel

you are my faith my soul

my angel

your life is like

a pretty flower

live is so graceful

like an angel

angel angel

mankind’s angel


Convinced of his greatness? As you should be. As was Twitter. As is and always will be right. Behold the birth of the greatest song that ever was and ever will be. 


Edited by Abha Srivastava

First published: 9 April 2016, 5:35 IST