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This video of sleeping elephant family will make you say awdorable!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 June 2021, 9:00 IST
Video of elephant family sleeping peacefully.

For animal lovers, we have brought an adorable video of an elephant family which will make your Thursday. In the video, a family of elephants can be seen sleeping peacefully. The video was shared by an Indian Forest Officer (IFS) Parveen Kaswan on his official Twitter handle.

The video credited to China Central Television (CCTV). According to a BBC report, elephants were seen resting near a village in Xiyang township after heavy rains slowed down their travels.

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Sharing the video on Twitter, Parveen Kaswan wrote, “This sleeping elephant family is the best thing on the internet today. Via CCTV (sic).”

See video:


The aerial view showed the elephant sleeping next to each other peacefully.

Parveen also shared a picture of the same elephant family on the microblogging site and also wrote some interesting facts about the herd of Asian elephants.

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“Not always sleep like that. This looks cute so shared. They sleep in a standing position mostly. When I see they have only two jobs; sleep & eat. It doesn’t mean they do it half-half. They sleep for short time. But all remaining time they eat (sic),” one of his tweets reads.


After the video and picture of the elephant family went viral on social media, netizens loved this sleeping family of elephants and wrote some interesting comments after seeing them.


Meanwhile, the viral video has received 23.9k views and over 4k likes on Twitter.

What’s your reaction after watching the cute video of the cutest animal?

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First published: 10 June 2021, 8:55 IST