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This newspaper's new ad starring Mallika Dua is hilarious, and so inappropriate

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

If you're a woman, you know the ordeal that is your neighbourhood parlour wali aunty who criticises one part of your body every time you visit. 'Try out this brand new, super special, discount only for you' deal, madam. Body polish since your skin is so dull. Hair spa because your hair looks like the undead. Such dead skin, not much pedicure?' It never stops. Sometimes you succumb, mostly you pretend you're deaf.

This advert by Daily News Analysis feels a little like that parlour wali aunty. A short while ago, Mumbai-based daily dna announced that it is coming to Delhi. Tagline to get the readers away from other newspapers? #SayNoToJunk.

Catchy, even if a little catty.

The idea of 'quintessential Delhi' now solely rests on the able shoulders of comedian and social media queen, Mallika Dua, it seems natural that dna turned to her for help with the promotions.

Mallika, for the uninitiated, has made her name by poking fun at 'typical Delhi girls'. Diction twisted enough to turn Gucci sound like a fake name, Mallika's videos are a rage. Don't get us wrong. We love it too. She is smart, some of her one-liners are outrageously funny, and she always picks issues everyone can relate to. That her entire scriptwriting is based on stereotyping Delhi and its people is a side-note nobody really likes to pick on.

This video is no different in that regard from her Instagram posts. 'Delhi Girl Gifty ki Dukhti Rag' is a typical Mallika Dua video where she is hilarious and relatable AF. But does it work as a promotional video for a news website? Ummm, no? Also, you're trying to trash your competition by poking fun at the local readership? As Bieber would say, what do you mean dna?

But then again, maybe we're just not cool enough to get it. Yeah, that's probably it.


First published: 6 October 2016, 5:54 IST