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Many want to 'Boycott Myntra' for a graphic they did not make, because we are like that only

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:48 IST

It is truly amazing that as a nation we have not yet spontaneously imploded due to near-constant outraging. Hardly does a day pass without misplaced anger worming its way into a trending hashtag.

This morning has been rather difficult for e-commerce site Myntra what with them feeling the burn for an illustration they didn't make. The graphic in question carries their brand name, but was neither made nor endorsed by them. And yet, Twitter would like you to #BoycottMyntra.

Earlier this February, Scroll Droll - a social media publication best known for spoofing Bollywood stars as Marvel/DC superheroes - came up with a series on mythological characters making their way in our world. Among others, we saw Shiva looking for the nearest Ola/Uber, Vishwamitra swiping right on Tinder for Menaka, Narad using Yatra.com, and Krishna looking for an extra long saree for Draupadi on Myntra.

It is this illustration that has suddenly picked up heat seven months after it was first made and has since then been retracted and apologised for.

Apology made, taken, shared. And yet.

The thing about social media is that, once it spots potential material for a hashtag, it resolutely refuses to let go. A cacophony of mindless outrage is brewing as you read this. Have a life? Avoid that blackhole that we call Twitter then.

And then there's this


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First published: 26 August 2016, 1:22 IST