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Powerful quotes from Radhika Piramal after coming out of the closet in 377 bound India

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 5:53 IST

At the recently concluded Godrej India Culture Lab event in Mumbai, Radhika Piramal, managing director of VIP industries opened up about her sexual journey, the experience of coming out and India's archaic laws against LGBT community, as reported by The Economic Times.

Below are some important statements made by Radhika at the event:

- "I realised I was gay when I was 15 and the first person I told was my sister Aparna." - Radhika Piramal.

- "I told my parents when I was 17 and they had pretty much a similar response. They said, 'Radhika, we love you but let's just keep this to ourselves for now." - Radhika Piramal.

- "I then started telling my good friends, acquaintances in college and it grew over 10-15 years, as I started telling more and more people." - Radhika Piramal.

- "I didn't want to bring a foreigner all the way to India without some real commitment from my side. So, we (her partner) got married in London in 2011. I was honoured and humbled that all my family - parents, aunts, uncles, cousins - attended my wedding." - Radhika Piramal on her wedding.

- "In the long run, Mumbai Mirror did me a favour by publishing that story because we all have these fears and anxieties about what will happen when we come out. And I have realised that the people who are important to me, my immediate family and colleagues at work, they are not going to judge me for this. They are going to give me their love and support, so what was I really afraid of?," said Radhika about her wedding being published in newspapers and its impact on her life.

- "For those who have confidence in those relationships at work or with your parents, open the conversation. You might be surprised. And, it takes effort and lobbying," says Radhika, on familial acceptance for LGBT relationships.

- " The truth in India is, LGBT legitimacy is not going to come from either the legal framework, in the current scenario, or politicians. It has to come from family and workplaces because without that, there is going to be an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. All leading American corporations are clear on this. Their policy on non-discrimination is taken for granted there. Indian corporations really have to think about this." - Radhika Piramal.

First published: 14 October 2015, 3:32 IST