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Sushant Singh Rajput's former manager reveals that actor was admitted to hospital after fight with sister

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 31 August 2020, 15:46 IST

Rhea Chakraborty has been answering questions put forward by the Central Bureau of Investigation for the last couple of days.

However there is one person who believes in the testimony of Rhea and that is Sushant's ex-manager Shruti Modi. Modi has appeared before the Enforcement Directorate and she has been seeking legal help from advocate Ashok Saraogi.

Shruti’s lawyer, Ashok Saraogi, stated that it is not right to say that it is because of Rhea that Sushant started taking drugs. "He had been consuming drugs much before she entered his life," said Saraogi. Sohail Sagar, Sushant's former driver and body guard, was the one who used to get drugs for the late actor, said Saraogi.

As maintained by Saraogi, Sohail had driven the late actor twice to meet his family and it is not possible that the family didn’t known about his substance abuse habit. "Sohail and Keshav used to coordinate and two other friends, Ayush Sharma and Anandi, used to stay at Rajput's house at times and do substance abuse together. There were many parties at Rajput's residence which were attended by his sisters also where substance abuse was done," said Saraogi.

As per Saraogi, a WhatsApp group was made where Sushant and Rhea, both were there along with Sohail others and the manager and naming one such abusive substance which was often mentioned in the group was "AK 47", "It is just not possible that people who were in the group were not using the drugs. All of them were in the know and used to consume drugs," said Saraogi.

Furthermore Saraogi stated that there were at least three parties which were attended by Rajput's family members and where drugs were used. "One of the sister who lives in Mumbai had attended many parties is fond of alcohol and has been to many parties where these substance abuse was done," claimed Saraogi.

Speaking about drug abuse and it's effect on the late actor, Saraogi says that in January 2020, a company wanted to take Sushant as it's brand ambassador but since he was not available it was proposed that old photographs would be used and the contract money would be reduced by 50 per cent. "Rajput did not agree to this while promising to come to Mumbai. But when he returned to the city, the company terminated it's contract with him as he was just not in the right state of physique and mind," said Saraogi.

Speaking about Sushant Singh Rajput's relationship with his family, Saraogi said that it was not cordial like a normal family. "In November 2019, three of his sisters had come to meet him and they were to fly back together. But around November 27, there was a huge fight that happened at night in the house and the next day all the three sisters checked into hotel Lalit. Sushant suffered so much due to this that he admitted himself into the Hinduja Hospital at Khar on 28th. When he was there, his father had called one of the staff members saying that he wanted to speak to Rajput but the actor refused to speak to him. He said that talking to his family has already landed him at the hospital, talking to his father would deteriorate his condition further and refused to take that call," said Saraogi.

The late actor’s family has alleged that there were Rs 15 crores in the late actor's account which have been siphoned off. However, his ex-manager said that there were approximately Rs 8 crores in various accounts, deposits and mutual funds. In many of these accounts, Rajput's sister Priyanka is a nominee as per Saraogi.

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First published: 31 August 2020, 15:46 IST