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Crying over onion price rise? These hilarious memes will match your feelings!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 29 September 2019, 1:07 IST

The taste of onion becomes bitter these days due to the hike in prices. As retail prices of onion to remain high at Rs 70-80 per kg due to which households in India get affected. Because of the rise in the rate of the key kitchen staple, there is a huge uproar among the common people.

As we all know that onion is the life of every food, including salad and also it adds the flavor, made food more delicious.

Notably, most of the onion is supplied by the state of Maharashtra which has been affected due to heavy flood. As per the government, a good amount of food is stored godowns, which cannot be transported to the rest parts of the nation due to the heavy rains and flood-like situation.


However, the government is taking various measures to control the situation in a few days. Even the government is also selling onions at a subsidized rate to help the citizens.

Meanwhile, people are worried about the price hike of onions and the issue has been raised on the social media platform. Taking the matter to the Internet, netizens have created several hilarious memes on the burning topic.

If you are crying over the prices of onions then these memes will change your mood and make you laugh out loud.

Check out how Tweeple’s creativity on onion’s price:


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