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Stephen Hawking, renowned British physicist and scientist passes away at 76

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 March 2018, 11:52 IST

British renowned physicist and scientist, Stephen Hawking passed away on 14 March at his home in Cambridge. He died at the age of 76. The scientist lost the world peacefully at his home in England in the early hours of the morning, said family spokesperson.

Stephen Hawking has three children, Lucy, Robert and Tim. They said that ‘we are deeply in sorrow that we have lost our beloved father today. They further said that Stephen was a great scientist and his legacy will live for many years. His courage with brilliance has inspired people not only in the country but in the whole world. His children said that it would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love. We will miss him forever.’

Stephen Hawking has predicted about the black hole radiation, called as Hawking radiation and also his other works in theoretical predictions. The theory of cosmology explained by a union of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics was firstly given by the British scientist. He was a supporter of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Hawking’s book ‘A Brief History of Time’  became the best-seller book within a record-breaking 237 weeks and it appeared on the British Sunday Times.

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First published: 14 March 2018, 9:51 IST