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North Korea highlights US' non-cooperation in denuclearisation at United Nations

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 September 2018, 11:15 IST
USA and North Korea

Pointing out lack of cooperation from the United States (US) in disarmament efforts, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho has said that they will not denuclearise the Korean peninsula unilaterally.

Speaking at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly session, Ri called upon Washington to keep its promises made during the Singapore summit that took place between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in June.

Ri further underscored that North Korea doesn't see a "corresponding response" from the US to Pyongyang's early disarmament efforts and added that the US is, instead, continuing sanctions to mount pressure on North.

"Conception that sanctions can bring us on our knees is a pipe dream of people who don't know us. The continued sanctions are deepening our mistrust and deadlocking the current diplomacy," he added.

He further noted that the reason behind the current deadlock is that the US is relying on the coercive methods that "prevent trust building."

Stating that implementation of the joint declaration, signed in June summit is in the best interests of the US, the foreign minister added, "If it (North Korea) becomes the victim of the US internal politics, the primary victim will be the US itself."

The Singapore summit witnessed the signing of the joint declaration according to which the North Korean leader committed for "complete denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula", while the US President pledged "security guarantees" to North Korea.


First published: 30 September 2018, 11:15 IST