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Nearly 50,000 Afghan refugees living a limbo on US military bases

News Agencies | Updated on: 14 November 2021, 13:43 IST

Nearly 50,000 Afghan refugees, who were evacuated after mid-August are living in limbo on US military bases as the winter is arriving and the refugees do not have supplies for the season, local media reported.

The Afghan refugees who are have been settled on military bases in the US do not know for how long they have to wait to get settled in permanent homes, The Khaama Press reported.

According to the Afghan media, critics have been criticizing US President Joe Biden Administration over lack of preparedness for the 70,000 Afghans taken out of Afghanistan since August 17 who are now living on eight military bases in the US.

The Administration is also criticized for leaving behind tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for the US in Afghanistan but thousands of unknowns have been taken to the US instead, The Khaama Press reported.

It further reported that volunteers and refugee resettlement groups have also been complaining about being overwhelmed and understaffed and that the US government has no strategy to transition the people to live in the United States.

Biden critics have been criticizing him for the "chaotic" evacuation from Kabul that brought unknown people to the US. It comes as Joe Biden has announced to restart the evacuation from Afghanistan and bring the families of the Afghans who are left behind, The Khaama Press reported.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan in mid-August and the US military ended its 20 years of military presence in the country.


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First published: 14 November 2021, 13:43 IST