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Donald Trump puts 'America first', has record of strength, success: Nikki Haley

News Agencies | Updated on: 25 August 2020, 10:18 IST

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Monday (local time) praised President Donald Trump, saying he has put "America first" and took tough steps against China, Iran and North Korea.

In her Republican National Convention speech, Haley said that a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration "would be much worse", CNN reported.

"Joe Biden and the Democrats are still blaming America first. Donald Trump has always put America first. A Biden-Harris administration would be much, much worse," she said, adding that the Democrats raised taxes and "piled on more mandates."

Lauding Trump, Haley said that the President "ripped up the Iran nuclear deal."

Recalling her tenure as the UN Ambassador from 2017-18, Haley said it was an honour of a lifetime to serve the post.

"Now, the UN is not for the faint of heart. It is a place where dictators, murderers and thieves denounce America... and then put their hands out and demand that we pay their bills. Well, President Trump put an end to all that. With his leadership, we did what Barack Obama and Joe Biden refused to do. We stood up for America... and we stood against our enemies," she stated.

Haley said that former President Barack Obama and Biden, who was the Vice President from 2009 to 2017, let North Korea "threaten" the US. She asserted that Trump "rejected that weakness" and the current administration imposed the toughest sanctions on North Korea in history.

"Obama and Biden let Iran get away with murder and literally sent them a plane full of cash. President Trump did the right thing and ripped up the Iran nuclear deal. Obama and Biden led the UN to denounce our friend and ally, Israel. President Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem. When the UN tried to condemn us, I was proud to cast the American veto," she added.

Haley said that Biden "has a record of weakness and failure" and said he "held America back".

"This President (Trump) has a record of strength and success. The former Vice President has a record of weakness and failure. Joe Biden is good for Iran and ISIS... great for Communist China... He is a godsend to everyone who wants America to apologise, abstain and abandon our values," she said.

"Donald Trump takes a different approach. He is tough on China, and he took on ISIS and won. He tells the world what it needs to hear. At home, the President is the clear choice for jobs and the economy. He has moved America forward, while Joe Biden held America back," the former UN envoy remarked.

Haley said that the US was breaking "economic records left and right" before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Before Communist China gave us the coronavirus, we were breaking economic records left and right. The pandemic has set us back, but not for long. President Trump brought our economy back before, and he will bring it back again," she stated.

Earlier, Trump and Mike Pence were officially renominated by the Republicans to be party's presidential and vice-presidential nominee.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted, "I am pleased to announce the official renomination of @realDonaldTrump and @Mike_Pence for President and Vice President!"


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First published: 25 August 2020, 10:18 IST