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Bigg Boss 11: After breaking-up with Bandgi Kalra, Dennis Nagpal made these shocking revelations about her

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 October 2017, 16:49 IST

Popular reality show, Bigg Boss season 11 saw the entry of many contestants from different walks of life. In this season too, the makers of the show decided to bring both the commoner and the celebrity contestants this time. A contestant Bandgi Kalra came into the entered the show as a commoner contestant.

As soon as she entered the show, she got nominated just in the first week of the show and to remain in the game she along with co-contestant Puneesh Sharma planned a strategy of faking a relationship so that they can stay long in the game. However, her boyfriend was not so impressed with this plan.

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Bandgi Kalra's boyfriend, Dennis Nagpal, who also seems to be the producer of the same show had broken up with his girlfriend and she is unaware about the same. He got irritated when he saw his girlfriend flirting with Puneesh. He posted the news of his break-up on his social media account. Dennis story read, “I have removed all pictures with @bandgikalra. Please don’t ask why I don’t have pictures if we were dating. P.S: She never deserved me.”

Now while giving an interview to a leading daily, Times of India, gave some shocking revelations. Check out what he revealed:

25.08.2017•••Finally the day have arrived when this little munchkin was born ❤️. I have known you for a little while now and I would say I am so lucky to have met a gem of a person like you , a person so pure & innocent at heart . To all the crazy amazing time we spent together til date is the best time of my life from Mumbai->Delhi , Delhi->Mumbai, Goa, India->Thailand->Singapore to every corner , every club every lounge every night every day has been the perfect with you . I thank god for the Bar stock exchange day today 😁 !! I wish and want to see you on heights and achieve more than what you have thought of u understand ?? You are the best thing that happened to me HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️🥂 ok rest will tell you in person bye 😁•

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1. He opened up that both Puneesh and Bandgi weren't faking their relationship. He said that even Vikas tried to talked to Bandgi about the same because he was concerned about her image but she wasn't ready to listen. He further said, “I know what is the reality. I could see Puneesh manipulating Bandgi initially. If you are faking a relationship for the game, then you definitely won’t do things after they go off to bed. But these two were seen talking and exchanging love notes after everybody went off to sleep.”

CLASS !! All that matters ✌🏻🥂

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2. Dennis said that they both were planning to get married. Talking about the same, “My family likes her. We were planning to get married soon. We were dating for 8 months and very serious about each other. We had informed our respective families about our relationship and they too were happy. My dad had met her and was in awe of her because she is well-learned, smart and mature.”

#tb🔙 🐣 Love ❤️

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3. He said that he is done with their relationship and do not want Bandgi want in his life. Talking further he said, “I wanted to sort out things with her. But after their conversation, in one of the recent episodes, where she was talking about how she wants to save herself from me to be with Puneesh, with him supporting her and talking ill about me, I just don’t want her back. I am done with this relationship.”

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First published: 25 October 2017, 16:49 IST