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Nokia to sell devices through its official website

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 20 March 2018, 14:14 IST
Nokia Phones (Maloom_Afrad)


Nokia plans to take on the market with its budget devices that it has recently come up with at the MWC 2018. However, Nokia has for the first time now started selling its devices from its very official website.

If there is one name in the world of mobile phones, Indians connect the most with, it is Nokia. Nokia was once the brand that introduced millions of Indians with their first mobile phone. Times changed, so did the technology and Nokia was replaced by Samsung and other brands.

Samsung maintained its status of being the most popular mobile brand in India for some time but the last decade has seen so many waves of new brands and technologies coming in that the Indian Mobile market has come to its current situation that is not unipolar, neither bi-polar but multi-polar.

Nokia has been now acquired by the HMD Global and they seem to be driving the brand well. With their current focus on the budget section and mid-range smartphones, HMD Global seems to be targeting the market by volumes. The one time favourite of Indians is now again making the Indian buyers nostalgic. But in today's competitive market, one can't bank upon only emotions to set their brand right and Nokia has been taking nice care of this aspect.

With budget devices like Nokia 2, Nokia 3 in its arsenal, Nokia is working well to acquire the market share it once held. Also, Nokia has come with devices like Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 to set their flagship standards high but what's interesting to watch is the pricing policy of the company that focuses on the volumes of the phones sold and with Nokia 8 sirocco and Nokia 9 in the line of new entrants, Nokia looks all set to take the bull by its horns.

Nokia has collaborated with the e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart from time to time to get their devices on the doorsteps of their customers. This time, Nokia has announced a new platform that is their own official website to sell the Nokia phones. The move may prove to be a big step towards Nokia's success journey.


First published: 20 March 2018, 14:04 IST