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‘I would have been ashamed’: Jamie Carragher criticizes Kane after Doucoure's red card incident

News Agencies | Updated on: 4 April 2023, 13:49 IST
Jamie Carragher

Former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher gave his verdict on Tuesday's incident between Abdoulaye Doucoure and Harry Kane.As a player, Carragher believes that in such a situation he would never go down as a player on a football pitch and if he did that he would be ashamed of it.

"Harry Kane should not be going down for that. He should not be going down. Now, it can still be a red card for putting your hand in someone's face. Doucoure is wrong. I'm sure Sean Dyche will tell him that. But, I mean we were having a debate when it was going on. I wouldn't go down there as a player. There is nothing near enough to let you go down and again if I had done that on the pitch, I would be embarrassed," Jamie Carragher said while talking on Sky Sports.

He further went on to say that if his own son pulled off something like this he would say to him to never do that again, even if his team gets the advantage of it.

"And if I watched my own son who's a player if I saw him do that, yeah it might help his team win the opposition is down to ten men it gives them an advantage. When he got back in the car I'd just say what were you doing there? don't ever do that again on a football pitch."

The defining moment of the game between Tottenham and Everton came in the 58th minute of the game. Abdoulaye Doucoure was shown a straight red card for putting his hand on the face of Harry Kane. Everton started to show signs of struggle moments after the hand-on-the-face fiasco. It was Michael Keane who came into the limelight, as he tripped Cristian Romero inside the box to award Tottenham a golden opportunity.

Kane stepped up psyched Pickford with a short run and sent the ball right into the back of the net. With a lead in their hand, Tottenham's destiny was right in their hands. However, the game ended with a 1-1 scoreline as Keane rose to the occasion and produced a venomous shot from the outside of the box.

First published: 4 April 2023, 13:49 IST