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Wait What! Leaf turns into ‘butterfly’? [WATCH]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 21 March 2023, 15:14 IST
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The world is full of amazing and majestic creatures, and whenever we think that we know about every creature, a new species surprises us.

In this video we are introducing you to a butterfly specie that has mastered the camouflage technique to safeguard itself from the predators.

Kallima Inachus, the orange oakleaf butterfly, is a nymphalid butterfly found in Tropical Asia, from India to Japan. These butterfly have leaf-shaped wings when they are closed and resemble to a dried leaf. It is almost impossible to spot these beautiful butterflies with their wings closed.

In the video, a dried leaf can be seen on a floor, but when a person taps it and put it in the sunlight, the lead turns into a beautiful black butterfly that has golden stripes.

The 14-second-video has gone viral on the internet, astonishing people who doesn’t know about the creature.

The clip was shared by a Twitter account named @Sciencegirl with a caption, “Kallima inachus, the orange oakleaf butterfly, complete with the appearance of fungus-like or lichenous growths so common on dead leaves, and lines simulating very closely the midrib and lateral veins of a leaf.”

Since being shared the clip has accumulated more than 9,58,000 views and over 11,800 likes. The majestic clip also prompted Twitter users to share their thoughts in the comment section.

First published: 21 March 2023, 15:14 IST