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Viral Video: Anand Mahindra shares video of temple elephant ‘blessing’ dancer

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 January 2023, 19:24 IST
Anand Mahindra shares video

The chairperson of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra is very active on social media and often treats his followers with numerous exciting videos. His recent post of a temple elephant blessing a traditional dancer has gone viral on the internet and caught many people’s attention.

In the video, a dancer in traditional attire can be seen dancing to a devotional song on the temple premises, while an elephant is visible in the video. During the performance, when the dancer ‘pranam’ the elephant, seeking his blessings, the tusker gently rests its trunk on the artist’s head. . Later, the gentle giant repeats the move while nodding along with the dancer's performance.

watch the video here.

Since being shared, the clip has accumulated over 1 million views and 26,9000 likes.

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"In Kerala, we say that the longer the trunk of the elephant, the more spectacular he/she is. This one has a long, curly trunk that's just a treat to watch! Such a magnificent animal," a user wrote.

"Temple elephants are such loving creatures ...always blessing each and every person gently with their trunk," another wrote.

"The Elephants are trained. Their blessings gesture cannot be the same as a human. The animal instinct for love is to hug and lick," a third commented.

However, some people also raised concerns over cruelty to animals. They said that these temple elephants are trained to give blessings and perform the blessing gesture out of dread of being struck by a stick.

First published: 1 January 2023, 19:24 IST