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Pee-Back Paint: London walls getting urine-repellent paint to deter public urination

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 January 2023, 18:31 IST
pee back paint (Representative Image)

London, known for its beauty and cleanliness, is dealing with the issue of public urination. However, the city's administration has come up with a plan to deter those who are tarnishing its reputation.

Soho, an area famous for its bars, restaurants, and nightlife, is particularly affected by public urination. People are frequently found urinating on the walls of bars and restaurants, treating them as if they were public urinals. Irritated by this disgusting act, officials in Soho have begun coating walls with a unique paint to deter it.

The Pee-Back Paint

The paint is unique because it splashes back the liquid thrown on it. This means that when a person urinates on a wall coated with this paint, the urine splashes back onto the person. The paint creates a transparent, water-repellent layer on the walls that causes liquids to splash back.

Inspired By Nature

The pee-back paint is inspired by the lotus flower. The lotus, which grows in ponds, has leaves that never get wet. They throw water off without sticking to them. This attribute is known as hydrophobicity in science. The same phenomenon has been replicated on walls in London city using the pee-back paint.

Anti-Pee Paint

The pee-back paint is made from a mixture of acetone and silica, with the major ingredient being sand. The manufacturers claim that the superhydrophobic coating created by the paint keeps surfaces dry and can repel almost any liquid thrown on it.

According to Ultra-Ever Dry, the company that manufactures the pee-back paint, it uses an omniphobic technology to coat walls and surfaces. The technology creates patterns of geometric shapes with peaks or high points on the surface chemistry and texture. These high points repel any liquid thrown on them, making the surface highly water-repellent.

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Two Stage Coating

The paint is applied in two stages. The first coating acts as a base primer and use to smoothens the surface. Then in the second stage the top coat is applied.

The company claims that the paint repels any liquid thrown on it. It also repels some oils and remains bacteria free. 

The Westminster City Council decided to apply this paint following complaints of 3,000 residents of Soho, as well as from the owners of restaurants and bars. Interestingly, the authorities learnt about the pee-back paint from a local authority in Germany, that is using the paint.

Cologne in Germany was the first to use this paint about seven years ago in 2015.

First published: 25 January 2023, 18:31 IST