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Act of Kindness! Watch man pours water on king cobra; cools it off on hot summer day

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 29 March 2023, 13:40 IST
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A video of a man who showed humanity by cooling off a king cobra on a hot sunny day has gone viral on the internet.

In the clip, a fearless man can be seen pouring water from a bucket on the king cobra’s head to cool the reptile down on the hot day. After emptying a bucket of water on the snake, the man then taps the reptile to check if it has cooled down or not. He then pours some more water on the snake to give him respite from the scorching heat. The king cobra could also be seen calm and not in an attacking position while taking a quick shower.

Watch here.

Notably , snake handlers give short baths to reptiles during summers to cool them down. These baths during hot summer days provide snakes with hydration as they are able to absorb water thought their skin. Snake charming was banned in India in 1972 as part of the wildlife protection act.

Summer season has started and we all are busy cleaning our water coolers and getting our air conditioners serviced to beat the scorching heat. But we should also care about the little birds and animals living around us. We can put some water bowls and food for them so that they can also survive the summers.

The undated clip was shared on Twitter by @ TansuYEĞEN with a caption, “A man in India shows kindness to a king cobra by cooling it off on a hot sunny day.”

Since being shared, the clip has accumulated over3.10 lakh views and 11,500 likes.

What are your thoughts about the video?

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First published: 29 March 2023, 13:40 IST