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BJP's Hindutva won't work in India: Prakash Raj

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 April 2018, 17:31 IST
Pic: Prakash Raj (file pic), Narendra Modi (file pic)

Veteran Indian actor Prakash Raj, who is known for speaking his mind has once again targeted the BJP party. The 5-time national award winning actor stated that the kind of Hindutva propagated by the BJP does not work in India.

Prakash Raj was attending India Today Group's Karnataka Panchayat in Bengaluru on Saturday.

"We have to give a feeling that everyone can live here. That everyone can live in harmony. Karnataka's culture is about plurality and harmony. We are a very tolerant state. Any religion or any Hindutva should be compassionate and tolerant about others. The sort of Hindutva they (BJP) are propagating does not work here in this country," said Prakash Raj.

"Will Karnataka accept the BJP's form of Hindutva? You will see it when the results (for the Karnataka Assembly election) come", Prakash Raj went on to question the audience.

First published: 1 April 2018, 17:31 IST