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BJP gives a push to UP campaign with Allahabad national executive

Panini Anand | Updated on: 11 June 2016, 20:39 IST

The stage is set for BJP's National Executive meeting in Allahabad. The whole city has been adorned with party banners and posters for the two-day event. Besides the formal agenda, the meeting is also an occasion for the party to showcase its strength in the run up to the Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh.

The Assembly elections are due next year. This would be a crucial battle for the BJP. Therefore, the party wants to prepare for this challenge well in advance. This election will set the tone for the next general elections. This is the reason BJP is going all guns blazing into the Assembly elections and the campaign work has already been started. The National Executive meeting is an important step in this direction.

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The party, claiming to adhere to principles and sobriety, is trying every trick in the book to expand its base before the elections. The city of Allahabad has been painted in the party's colours. The party has targeted Congress for its VIP culture in the past. But it seems no different as party delegates are being put up in all the important hotels and rest houses in the city. Hundreds of AC rooms have been booked well in advance. Even expensive hotels in the neighbouring Varanasi have been reserved for the event.

The meeting will take place in a sprawling tent-house. The air-conditioned venue is safe from the rain as well as the scorching heat. Over 500 AC vehicles will ferry the guests during the meeting. Local leaders and party units have deployed additional vehicles and a whole battery of volunteers to make this event a success. Special cooks have been invited to cater to party members who will participate in the meeting.

More than a dozen central ministers have visited Allahabad and adjoining areas to muster supporters for the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a rally during the meeting and the party wants to make it a grand success. The party leaders are expecting the participation of over 5 lakh workers in the rally. Besides the party units, the central government as well as RSS machinery, are working overtime to achieve this target.

The agenda

The National Executive meeting is ceremonial to a large extent as the decision-making process has already been centralised within the party. It is only Modi and a few of his confidantes who call the shots in important matters. Loyalty towards the leadership have taken precedence over the organisational processes. There is almost no scope of some ground breaking decisions or discussions at the meeting. Its agenda mainly revolves around the functioning of the Prime Minister and the decisions taken by the party president.

Two important resolutions are likely to be passed by the National Executive in Allahabad. The first resolution will present the outline of Modi government's achievements so far and endorse its performance. The executive will declare that the Modi government achieved historic feats and the resolution will praise the PM.

The second resolution is expected to condemn the "anti-development and anti-national" activities of the opposition parties. It will reiterate the BJP's resolve to move forward and take on the opposition in a firm manner.

It is a chance for the party to show its strength. All the stalwarts, ministers and important functionaries are camping in the state to make this meeting a success. The party has 71 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP. It's ally Apna Dal has 2, taking the NDA tally to 73.

But BJP only has 41 MLAs in the 403-member state assembly. The party wants to make up for its weak presence in the Vidhan Sabha through a strong show in Allahabad.

BJP remains a weak party in India's largest state. Its organisation lies in shambles. It is way behind the ruling Samajwadi Party and BSP on the ground. It wants to present a better face in front of the voters of the state through this meeting.

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First published: 11 June 2016, 20:39 IST
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