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BJP dangerous for democracy: Mamata launches 'BJP Bharat Choro Abhiyan'

Sulagna Sengupta | Updated on: 9 August 2017, 21:52 IST
(AFP PHOTO/Dibyangshu Sarkar)

In an attempt to form a formidable Opposition to counter the BJP in the next general election, and with a view of strengthening the Mahagathbandhan, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee issued yet another clarion call.

Claiming that autocracy is prevailing in the name of democracy, Mamata said: ”We have to oust the BJP in 2019, that is or target. BJP Bharat Choro; BJP hatao, desh bachao.

To take this plan forward, Mamata said on 9 August while giving a speech in Garbeta in West Midnapore that she will take part in Lalu Prasad Yadav's rally in Patna in Bihar on 27 August, which is being taken out to highlight atrocities perpetrated by the BJP government against Dalits and Adivasis.

Announcing the 'BJP Bharat Choro Abhiyan', Mamata said: “I do not want India to be divided at the hands of BJP. I am urging all Opposition parties to join hands to strengthen the Mahagathbandhan. I do not want to stay in power if the Opposition parties comes to power by ousting BJP, but my main aim is to oust BJP from the Centre.“

Crimes against minorities

"I will join the Patna rally to make a show of strength. They (BJP) lunch at Dalit families houses, but atrocities against Dalits and Adivasis have increased under their rule. I will also be attending the rally being held in Jharkhand by adivasis on 31 August as their land has been acquired by the government and Centre has failed to resolve the issue. I am against land acquisition and I will fight with them against this illegal land acquisition,” Banerjee added.

Banerjee continued to lambast the BJP: "The atrocities perpetrated against the Dalits and Adivasis have increased manifold. This is a sheer dichotomy. You are eating at the house of Dalits and you are killing them."

Backhanded politics

Praising the Congress for their win in the Gujarat Rajya Sabha election, Banerjee said: “We knew democracy would prevail as the BJP dictatorship cannot continue for long, and the Gujarat election is an example that democracy has been restored their autocratic rule."

"As BJP has a majority in Parliament, they are trying to shut the mouths of all Opposition parties - which is dangerous for democracy. Democracy is at stake in India under BJP regime.

Speaking of how she has been forced to implement the GST in West Bengal, Mamata said: "BJP has ruined the federal structure of the state and I was bound to implement Goods and Service Tax (GST) in the state, as the Centre claimed that they will cut money from the state treasury if I do not implement the GST.”

Accusing the BJP of not just trying to divide all of India on the basis of religion, Mamata said the party was also responsible for instigating the recent violence in Darjeeling.

“BJP has not yet given any solution for solving the impasse in Darjeeling. On the other hand, they are trying to divide the people of Bengal on communal lines and trying to create communal tension in parts of south Bengal,” added Banerjee.

More so, the central government, she says, has become and agency government. Instead of being a “government by the people, of the people, and for the people", it is a government “for the agency, by the agency and of the agency".

“If any Opposition parties try to raise their voice, they (BJP) threatens them with central investigating agencies. As a result, many parties are not being able to oppose the BJP. But my party will continue to speak against them.”

First published: 9 August 2017, 21:52 IST