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BJP alleges School Scam in Delhi, targets CM Arvind Kejriwal

News Agencies | Updated on: 29 August 2022, 12:04 IST

Ahead of chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's confidence motion in the Assembly, the Delhi unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday hit out against a "major scam" by the ruling Aam Aadmi Party accusing it of not honouring its manifesto promise of building 500 new government schools.

The BJP alleged that the Delhi government had indulged in corruption in the construction of new classrooms by giving tenders to "selected contractors"

Gaurav Bhatia of the BJP alleged Kejriwal did not take any note of the report submitted over two years ago by the Central Vigilance Commission, which highlighted irregularities in the construction of classrooms in government schools in Delhi.

The Delhi LG V K Saxena has sought a report from the Chief Secretary over the delay of 2.5 years on part of the Vigilance Department in acting on the CVC inquiry report into the construction of additional classrooms in Delhi Government Schools.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Gaurav Bhatia said, "AAP's manifesto promised 500 new schools in Delhi. The new schools didn't come up but, in a pre-planned manner, they sought a report from the Public Welfare Department.

"Submitted at the behest of Arvind Kejriwal, the report stated that additional classrooms will be built and new schools won't be built. Now it is said that extra rooms will be built in the schools, but new schools will not be opened. There was a requirement of 2,400 rooms in the schools, but this was increased to 7,180," Bhatia said.

The BJP leader alleged that there was a hike of 50 to 90 per cent in the cost of construction of the classrooms.

"50-90 per cent hiked construction cost was shown, overlooking provisions of CPWD manual, for profit so that tender can be given to select contractors. Matter of concern as CVC inquiry report that a major scam took place, was sent to Delhi government Vigilance secretary 2.5 years back," he alleged.

Bhatia alleged that due to the escalation of cost as shown in the report of the PWD, 6,133 classrooms were supposed to be built, however, only 4,027 classrooms were built.

"6133 classrooms were supposed to be built due to the escalation in the cost. However, only 4027 classrooms were built. According to an estimate, Rs 326 crore cost escalation took place. It was more than 53 per cent from the tender amount," Bhatia said.

BJP Delhi Chief Adesh Gupta alleged that Kejriwal appointed an architect, who is a close consultant of Minister Satyendar Jain, who is in jail in connection with a money laundering case, was appointed without tender and sought a probe into the matter.

"Everything happens via tender. He (Delhi CM) arbitrarily appointed an architect, a consultant close to jailed minister Satyendar Jain - Babbar and Babbar. He appointed a consultant without tender. It should be probed," said Gupta.

"It has been found that Babbar and Babbar Associate too was appointed by Delhi government without tender. This is a matter of grave corruption," he alleged.


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First published: 29 August 2022, 12:04 IST