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Yeddyurappa tears into Siddaramaiah government, assures 'revolutionary change' in Karnataka

News Agencies | Updated on: 1 May 2018, 13:23 IST

Ahead of the Karnataka State Assembly elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader B. S. Yeddyurappa launched a scathing attack on the Congress and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, while claiming that his party will win the majority of the seats in the state assembly.

Speaking at a public rally in Mysuru, he said, "There is a wave of BJP in the state; we will win more than 150 seats. The Congress will not win more than 50 seats."

Clarifying that BJP will not be joining hands with the Janata Dal (Secular) (JD-S) and will form their government in the state independently, he asserted that the JD(S) will not win more than 25 seats.

"Some people think we will ally with JDS, I want to clarify that we will form the government on our own. JDS will not win more than 25 seats," he said.

He further claimed that the state will witness a revolutionary change after 12 days, that is May 12, the day when elections is scheduled.

He further pledged to put Karnataka at the forefront of development and make it the model state of the country, saying, "Within 12 days of our coming to power there will be revolutionary changes. I will write in blood and promise that I will make Karnataka the model state of the country."

He also censured Siddaramaiah's tenure as the Chief Minister of the state, stating, "Five years of Congress in power has witnessed corruption, harassment of women and farmers' agony. He (Siddaramaiah) brings Rahul Gandhi next to him and claims five years of achievement, shame on such achievement."

He went on to attack Siddaramaiah government saying that he uses "Karnataka as an ATM machine to loot people."

He further compared the current BJP-led Central Government to the Congress' under Indira Gandhi leadership and said, "We are in power in 21 states, at the time of Indira Gandhi the Congress was in power in 18 states only."

He also pledged that he will bring Siddaramaiah's misdeeds out in the open and questioned his political calibre to challenge someone like Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"Do you have the depth to challenge a person of the calibre of Narendra Modi. I will bring all of Siddaramaiah's acts out in open or else my name will no longer be B.S. Yeddyurappa," he claimed.

As the Karnataka elections is inching closer, the state has become a battleground and is witnessing rallies by various political leaders including Prime Minister Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah, Congress president Rahul Gandhi and many more.

The state will go to polls on May 12 to elect its representatives for the 224-member assembly. The results will be out on May 15.



First published: 1 May 2018, 13:23 IST