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‘Ye Bihar Hai’: Watch Nitish Kumar slams farmer for speaking in English

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 February 2023, 15:34 IST
Nitish Kumar in Patna

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar interrupted a farmer while the latter was delivering a speech during an event in Patna yesterday, February 21. The reason for the interruption was that the farmer was narrating his life journey in the English, instead of his mother tongue or Hindi.

"Farming is being done by a common man, you are called here to give suggestions but you are speaking in English. Is it England? This is India & it's Bihar...", CM Kumar said.

Farmer Amit Kumar was speaking at an event that was organised to mark the inauguration of the ‘fourth agriculture roadmap’ of the Bihar Government.

In his speech, the farmer began by praising CM Kumar for creating an environment where he, a management graduate with a promising career in Pune, found the courage to leave his job and start mushroom cultivation in his native district of Lakhisarai.

Watch here.

However, within a few minutes of beginning his speech, the agro-entrepreneur was interrupted by CM Kumar for delivering his speech in English.

“I want to point out to you the incongruity of using so many English words. Is this England? You are working in Bihar, practising agriculture which is the profession of the common folks,” CM Kumar said.

“What is this? Can you not say sarkaari yojana? I am an engineer by training and my medium of instruction was English. But it is another thing to use the language for academic pursuits. Why must you do so in day-to-day life?” the Bihar CM added.

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First published: 22 February 2023, 15:34 IST