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Tanishq baby shower advertisement pulled down: Sound business decision, no need to search for missing spine

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 October 2020, 19:49 IST
Tanishq ad

Thanks to COVID induced economic slowdown, the economy is in bad shape. No business house could dare to fritter away a big opportunity to earn just because it made an advertisement that didn't click with many of its prospective buyers. Moreover, TATA group company 'Tanishq jewellery advertisement' is getting unnecessary attention that the brand prefers to ignore right now.

Why look for a spine?
Tanishq jewellery with such ads aims to get a larger share of jewellery business pie during Diwali festivities. The advertisement shows a Hindu bride and a baby shower thrown by her Muslim-in-laws. The advertisement triggered a backlash on social media, some terming it an effort by the brand to promote 'love-jihad'.

Now, a business outfit dealing in jewellery can't afford to hurt the sentiments of a community. All that Tanishq desired from this video was to get good brand value and better sales figures. If the video appears to miss the target, rather backfire, then it is a sound business call to pull down the advertisement. Now, some groups accusing the brand and Ratan Tata of 'not having a spine' are not understanding the decision behind the creation of similar ads. No one here is trying to do social service, rather trying to milk emotions to suit their final goals—money or politics.

Tata Nano fiasco
Tata Nano advertisement failed to attract the aspiration of the common man who sees the purchase of a car as a prestige issue, a sign of growth. The advertisement, among other things, did a lot of damage to the Nano car brand.
Every business has to make split-second decisions and indulge in damage control mode when the brand faces public outrage. These decisions get influenced by pure economic concerns only. A delay could hurt the livelihood of many.

Those willing to fish in troubled waters should dig their pond. Businesses have many other concerns to remain afloat during COVID.

First published: 13 October 2020, 19:46 IST