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SRK College: Girl students wearing Burqa denied entry in Uttar Pradesh, students claim it never happened earlier

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 September 2019, 10:15 IST
Burqa ban in SRK college Uttar Pradesh

 The SRK College in Uttar Pradesh's Firzoabad has denied entry to some girl students allegedly because they were wearing Burqa.

However, the College administration said that the attire has been forbidden because it is not a part of the uniform.
No entry without ID, Uniform
"This is an old rule that students have to come in Uniform and with ID cards. Since admissions were going on, this was not followed strictly. Now it has been completed. So after 11th September, entry without uniform and ID Card is not being allowed. Burqa doesn't come under the dress code. Only the uniform which has been decided by the College will be allowed," College Principal, Prabhaskar Rai said.

Students confused--Facing this issue for the first time
Girls who came wearing Burqas were not allowed entry into the College premises.
"Don't know why they are not allowing it. I did try to get inside but they refused permission for it," a girl said.

The students said this was not the case earlier. "No, it did not happen like this before," another student said.

Girls not pressurised to remove Burqas: DM
District Magistrate Chandra Vijay Singh termed the issue as an internal matter of College.

"The incident has come to my knowledge. This is an internal matter of College. Some of the girls were told that they need to come in uniform and that entry would not be allowed without uniform and ID," he said.

He also refuted allegations that they were pressurised to remove Burqas.

"No, they were not forced to remove their Burqas. They were told to come in Uniforms. Students should follow the rules decided by the College," Singh said.

Even if we agree with what the college authorities and the administration have claimed, the fact remains that there has been a sharp communication gap. The college should have communicated the decision to the students in advance so that it would not have created confusion and resentment. Suddenly stopping girls from entering into college because they have come wearing Burqas is bound to disturb the atmosphere in the college.

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First published: 13 September 2019, 10:15 IST