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Operation Lotus 2.0: Karnataka Congress MLA lands in hospital after 'fight' in resort, BJP rubs it in

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 20 January 2019, 14:02 IST
Congress MLA at Hospital

After a virtual attempt to topple the Congress-JDS government in the state, the BJP is out to sympathize with the MLA’s as a Congress lawmaker was admitted to hospital last night due to scuffle inside the resort.

As per information, Congress MLA Anand Singh was hospitalized last night after he was hit on his head when a scuffle broke out between JN Ganesh and Anand at the Eagleton Resort in Bengaluru. While the Congress party has denied any such occurrences and media reports, many Congress leaders were seen outside the hospital as the local media reported.

Karnataka Deputy CM G Parameshwara told to the media about the incident, “I've seen that only through media. I was there till 8 o'clock y'day. I don't know what has happened but I will let you know. Once I come out, I'll definitely let you know.”

Parameshwara added that “When one of our colleagues isn't well, if it's true, naturally somebody would've gone to see him. I don't know who the person is. I'm just responding to your question.”

The BJP has come out with a sympathizing face for the Congress-JDS alliance led government and has taken a jibe asking about the mismanagement of the state Congress committee chief as they were unable to stop a scuffle inside the resort.

The BJP tweeted, “It's unfortunate that @KPCCPresident was unable to stop the fight in Eagleton resort. We hope Anand Singh is being treated & we pray for his speedy recovery. Unfortunately @dineshgrao can't even blame BJP now, MLA's were locked up under his watch at Eagleton. Whats your excuse now?”

The BJP further tweeted that “What more proof do we need to tell all is not well within Congress..Congress MLA's in Eagleton resort indulged in physical fight & 1 MLA is admitted. How long will congress be in denial mode & blame BJP for all their differences? When political party is lame, it loves to blame.”

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First published: 20 January 2019, 14:02 IST