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Not just FTII; a good 4 other universities in a mess since Modi came to power

Raza Naqvi | Updated on: 19 August 2015, 18:07 IST

The agitation over the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) has rocked the nation as well as the ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The BJP government is facing heat for not appointing the right personnel at key positions in educational institutions across the country. Many opposition parties including the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have criticised the ruling government for being bias.

Though FTII is the centre of controversy since the second week of June over the appointment of Chauhan and five others, there are other issues as well in which the students and people have raised their voices against the things which were wrong.

Here are the other issues as well, which you need to know

Controversy over appointment of Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University

  • The university students are agitating since last one month over the appointment of their Vice Chancellor Chandra Krishnamurthy who is charged with academic fraud and multiple instances of plagiarism in the books and papers on her resume that apparently got her the job.
  • The students claim that the protests happening at the university is nothing but the result of a wrongful appointment.
  • The students had boycotted classes across campus and had went on a hunger strike for more than seven days in a row after launching their protest on 27 July. As the agitation intensified, the Ministry of HRD had sent a two member committee for investigating the matter, but there is no decision on the issue yet.
  • The committee, however, supported the VC by remarking that if the VC has a 'fake CV' and has authored a plagiarised book then they have nothing to do with them as it won't affect their degrees.
  • The remark had enraged the students, and as a result the agitation continues without any solution in sight.

Controversy over appointments in Delhi University

  • Delhi University had landed in controversy over rushed appointments in the recent past. Multiple interviews for administrative positions were scheduled just months before the current Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh's term was set to end.
  • In July 2015, many back-to-back interviews for various posts had sparked the controversies as they had been lying vacant for years. The teachers association of the Delhi university had alleged that the VC had done it in order to fill the vacant seats according to his priority.
  • The university officials had claimed that the recruitment protest was transparent, however an incident had come into light where a candidate who was previously barred by the proctorial board for malpractices during conduct of examinations was being considered for the post of Controller for Examinations.

Nalanda University controversy

  • Indian Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen had accused the BJP government for forcing him to resign from the post of Chancellor of Nalanda University. He had stated that the extent of government intervention in academic matters has become extraordinarily common and often politically extreme under the BJP government.
  • It was alleged that the BJP had created pressure on him to resign because he is believed to be a congress person.

Maulana Azad National University controversy

  • The BJP had faced heat after Zafar Sareshwala a known PM Narendra Modi's supporter and a business tycoon was appointed as the chancellor of Maulana Azad National University.
  • Sareshwala didn't had a background in education, but he was appointed as the chancellor on the pretext that his family was associated with educational projects for long enough.

First published: 19 August 2015, 16:20 IST
Raza Naqvi @Mir_Naqvi

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