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Jaipur Police to arrest those following gangsters online; 26 held

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 February 2023, 13:30 IST
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As many as 26 people were arrested by the Jaipur Police on February 3 who followed and liked social media posts of fugitives Rohit Godara and Ritik Boxer.

According to Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ajay Pal Lamba, police specifically arrested those who liked and shared posts of Ritik Boxer.

“Immediately after the firing at Days Hotel last Saturday, Boxer had owned up to the firing on social media. The accused made a second post wherein he vowed to avenge his men who were shot by the police. These two posts were incendiary and very dangerous in nature with the potential to stir chaos among people,” Lamba told TOI.

The ACP (Crime) stated that the Jaipur Police will take actions against people who support and follow gangsters online.

The arrested people are also quizzed by the cops to ascertain if they were also involved in providing any support to the gangsters.

“In the past two months, we have summoned 300 persons to different police stations. They were found to be following and liking the online messages of these gangsters. These people were let off after we instructed their family members to keep a check on them,” Lamba added.

Police claim that some of the arrested persons regularly interacted with the gangsters online.

The Department is also conducting a special operation to ensure that youngsters don't get influenced by such gangsters.

The cyber police team is also keeping an eye on people following and sharing online posts of these gangsters.

“Both Boxer and Godara use youngsters for criminal activities. It is important that people don’t follow such accounts,” said an officer.

In view of the seriousness of the situation, police have also asked social media companies to ban the accounts of gangsters.

According to the police, one of three shooters, arrested on Monday for the Days Hotel firing, had met Boxer through a social media platform.

First published: 4 February 2023, 13:30 IST