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It's International Beer Day! Here's why beer is actually good for you

Priyanka Mukherjee | Updated on: 11 February 2017, 7:51 IST

It is the first Friday of August. What's so great about it, you ask? It is time to celebrate the oldest and the most popular alcoholic beverage on this planet! It's International beer day! Well, not that you need a reason to grab that beer, but it's good to have a separate day dedicated to it.

For people who didn't know, International beer day is a global celebration, where people are encouraged to give one another the 'gift of beer' by buying each other drinks.

Apart from being a crowd-puller, there's so much beer can do. In honour of International Beer day, we give you 10 reasons you should go get yourself that pint.

1. Keeps heart diseases at bay

So, researchers have found that moderate beer drinkers had a 42% lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers. Who knew beer could mend hearts, literally. Your heart would appreciate it.

2. Bye Bye lifeless hair!

Of course, two bottles down and you won't care how your hair looks, but you will the day after. Rinse your hair with beer to restore bounce and body. Shampoo your hair like you would usually and then pour the beer on your hair and work it through.

3. One beer for your kidneys

Those repeated trips to the bathroom after drinking that beer actually be for the better. Turns out, a beer a day keeps kidney stones away. Beer actually reduces kidney stone risk by 41%. And in fact, those daily doses of sugary soft drinks could increase the chance of kidney stones.

4. Calm the upset stomach

Yes, beer can do much more than giving you that dreaded barrel-shaped beer belly. Beer can help you digest better. Beer has a bunch of benefits when it comes to digestion, including the stimulation of gastrin, gastric acid, cholecystokinin and pancreatic enzymes. Basically, it helps in fighting all the bad guys causing trouble in your digestion process.

5. Anti-Ageing properties

Another reason beer is awesome, is because it fights signs of aging without you having to spend a fortune on anti-ageing products. Beer contains three major anti aging ingredients: hops, barley, and yeast. All of these in turn contain extremely powerful anti-aging compounds. Beer also contains Vitamin E, which is antioxidant and vital to healthy skin and fights the aging process.

6. Releases stress

So, if you have some extra money on you, get that cheap bottle of cold beer and pour it in a bucket while soaking your feet in it after a long tiring day at work. Studies show that it will help reduce stress and will make it easier for you to sleep. You will also have pretty feet. Beer is an excellent skin conditioner.

7. Helps you get a good night's sleep

You know the time when you have been dying to go to bed but cannot do that and continue to change positions like a mentally challenged walrus? Yeah, been there, done that. Beer can help you sleep. Hop, an element found in beer is known to be the herbal replacement for sleeping pills. Try washing your pillow covers with beer. If you're lucky, you might end up getting a good night's sleep.

8. Keeps those muscles strong

Moderate consumption of beer can prevent muscle tissues from deteriorating. A study in International Journal of Kinesiology and Sport Science found that athletes reported feeling less sore when they drank beer versus a placebo after a hard session. Cheers to a healthy future!

9. Cook!

Now this is not that unusual. Prepare the fluffiest batter by adding beer in it. Your fish and chips would turn out to be crispier, light and airy. You can also marinate meat with beer. It will add to the tenderness of the meat.

10. Helps you start a conversation

You know that attractive person at the bar you are shy to talk to. Gulp a beer down and it might just give you the courage and the motivation to start a conversation with them. Buying them a beer might help too. Cheap and convenient.

Don't worry if there isn't a major celebration, just celebrate International Beer Day! Grab your pals, grab some brews and go start your own celebration. Cheers!

First published: 5 August 2016, 5:48 IST